Rider Sandals x NBA:
Graphic design for basketball lifestyle consumers

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Every season Rider Sandals and the NBA Licensee drop a pack of products aimed at the Brazilian market. The pack speaks to the basketball lifestyle crew, for the fans that follow a specific team but also the general public who enjoys the game of basketball.
My role on this project was to create the graphics that would tie the collection together, keeping in mind product placement, price range and consumer centered strategies.
The bases were all existing products from the brand's portfolio, so the challenge for this collection was to create impactfull graphic design that would connect with the brand's strategy and the final consumer of NBA products.
The collection ended up being released not only in Brazil, having global showcase.

Rider x NBA pack
Brazil / Global

Basketball lifestyle

My role
Graphic design

Time frame


For the higher price range products we developed
 a PVC tag with the team's logo. Here on the side
we can have a closer look on the details that gave
the product more personality and texture.

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