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Mormaii is a classic surfing brand from Brazil with a wide range of products aimed for the surfing community.
I worked on a few projects for the brand, looking to update different products as well as create new graphics to keep the line fresh.
Each product had its own brief, with specific strategies such as consumer behaviour and price range. The designs had to be production ready and have a connection to the surfer consumer from classic surf stores to the general public.


Surf lifestyle

My role
Graphic & Product design

Time frame


Mormaii Quiver Pró Slide
The slide silhouette is a very classic product style, performing well in a variety of markets. In the surfer community its a much appreciated prodcut as it is simple and easy to use, where you can get out of the water and slide your feet into your footwear. 
For this project I wanted to give a fresh new look for the insoles and the uppers, keeping in mind the consumers behaviour in regards to this type of footwear. After doing some research and constructing the moodboards that would guide the design,  it was time to draw the product.
Mormaii Neocyle 2.0
The flip-flop silhouette is always a classic look in the surfer community. Whenever we must redesign an upper for this style, we come across diferrent barriers as to how to give a new look but also be in connection to our consumer. The idea here was to design a slightly more tech upper but also remain in the sport style mood.

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